Lisbon: the one with the tarts

Lisbon is definitely somewhere I would like to visit again in the future. Next time, I plan to see a few things I missed (e.g. Tower of Belem) and also to take a road trip to Sintra – a place that everybody who’s ever been has described as a fairy tale.

But this time around, aside from getting robbed, here’s more about my stay in Lisbon:


I stayed at Oasis Backpackers Hostel. One of my favourite hostels! It was the first hostel where I made friends and they had free walking tours every morning at ~ 11AM and pub crawls/fado nights in the evenings (Fado is the music of Portugal?). I highly recommend this hostel! The staff are so nice, friendly, and fluent in English. It was so pleasant compared to some other hostels I’ve experienced.


  • Flea market: it was a mission to find and I purchased nothing, but well worth the walk from the hostel. We saw beautiful views and lost 23975325 calories.
  • Jesus statue: I think the correct name is Cristo de Rei. You take a ferry from one of the bus stations. Round trip cost should be like 2.4 euros! After getting off the ferry, you can walk to the statue (~40 minute walk?) or take the 101 bus. We walked and took some elevator up (it was 1 euro round trip, but we could not find the elevator on our way back so we walked down). It was exhausting and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you just want exercise/save money because I didn’t see any extraordinary views while on the walk. I mean, the views are nice, but the one you see when you get to the Jesus statue is way better!
  • Time out market: I didn’t get to eat here, unfortunately, as I was extremely full.. but it had LOTS of delicious-looking food. Go there when you are hungry! It’s like a giant food court with lots of tables and chairs and different foods.
  • Walk everywhere: I think I went to most of the places I was supposed to see just by walking everywhere. I did not, however, get a chance to go to the Tower of Belem (and the pastry store beside it, which is apparently the first place to ever make the Pastei de Nata) because I lost a day when I ran all over Lisbon dealing with the theft incident. Next time, though!


  • Lots and lots of Pastei de Natas. Over my time in Portugal, I had about 15 of these delicious, heavenly tart things. My first one was from the airport upon arriving in Lisbon. My second was from some bakery called Camces? Not really sure what the name says, but you can see the photo above of the yellow store name.
  • Fabrica: a cute little café by the police station/city centre. I came here shortly after reporting my stolen wallet/passport to the police. I ordered an iced tea. While expensive, it was the best iced tea I’ve ever had! Super refreshing and fruity. This café was also the place where I found out somebody had found my wallet (cash-less) and passport, so lots of good memories here!
  • Low-cost, Come: a super cheap restaurant we stopped in for lunch one day. I had a cod & potato thing and some pastries (including a pastei de Nata, of course). Very affordable, tasty, and filling!
  • Amor Gelado: 3 scoops of gelato from this place on the island where the Jesus status is! My favourite flavor was the kinder bueno one. You have to try it. I tried it because I asked the store owner what the most popular flavor is 😀 .
  • Doner Kebab: a little salty, but good service. I ate this right before the gelato. On the same island of the Jesus statue.


  • Lisbon is SUPER hilly.
  • Little square cobblestones everywhere. Kind of annoying to walk on 😛 .
  • Laundry being hung everywhere (it’s kinda cool).
  • Pastry shops everywhere!
  • Everybody speaks English!
  • So picturesque and beautiful.
  • Be very weary of pickpocketers. More on this in my post about being robbed.

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